Meet the Authors

Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to be a part of many authors' journeys into the world of publishing, both on the web through Amazon to full-print releases. Below, you can find an up-to-date list of the authors I've worked with since my early beginnings as a cover artist.

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Andrea Rose Washington


Bradford Bates

Ascendancy Series
Crimson Stars

Riley Konara

The Ashes of Memory

K.F. Bradshaw


Ben Mariner

The Golden Hourglass

Crystal Packard

Water Lily

Christina Blake

Sapphire & Planet Zero

Tanya Dawson

The Fae Sister Chronicles

Andrew Beymer

Blake Byron: Paranormal Investigator

Kimbra Swain


McKenzie Hunter

Darkness Unchained
Midnight Falls

Tachina Eva

The Book of Iudex
The Curse of Ignus

Mimi Ledbetter

Mystic Boundaries

Matia Ben Ephraim

The Wizard of Kharathad

Kathryn Troy

A Vision in Crimson

Marcus Atley

City Lights

Daniel Chesler

Choosing Sides

Matt Casamassina

Dead Weight

Alyce Caswell

The Tortured Wind

Andrew Gibson

The Bloodless

Larry Gent

Lightyears to Go Before I Sleep

Lauren Hammes

Level 8

Steven A. Coulter

Freedom's Hope

J.M. Clark

New Kings of Tomorrow

Charles Norman

The Fire in the Rock

Mark Henry

Dancing with Energy

Ali Abbas

Like Clockwork

Silk Weaver

The Sleath Silk Collection

E.A. Koetting

The Cult Classics

Leslie Wolfe

Glimpse of Death Dawn Girl